I have been developing software for almost 20 years and professionally for close to a decade now, having worked with a broad range of technologies on projects related to cloud computing, simulators (GPS; and vessel attitude), enterprise applications (for an European institution), and qualification of software for use in spacecraft (now being used in the Galileo constellation).

Having recently moved to London I am interested in new opportunities to work with cutting edge technologies, in teams that take pride in their work, on products that can make a difference. I really like Python, GNU/Linux, automating things, and I enjoy a good challenge. I also have an interest in machine learning and AI in general, and am half-way through a ML MOOC.

This blog (way past due) will serve as a medium to document some of my experiences with new and not so new (but always pertinent) technology, in the form of tutorials, reference guides, and eventually some rantings as well.